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This page is for useful travel ideas, unique Pinterest 'Pins,' fun facts and other assorted nonsense. Happy Traveling!

All of these ideas can be found on my Pinterest Travel Page, here .


21 Clever Packing Tricks - Not rocket science but I wouldn't have thought to thread my necklaces through a straw to keep them from tangling.


How to Pack 30 Outfits in your Carry-on - More and more these days, my husband and I try to take everything in our carry-on luggage. Saves on fees, faster departure from the airport and zero risk of arriving without your luggage!


21 Things Every Traveler Wishes They Owned - Not sure why the number 21 is popular for these wish lists and truly I don't covet everything on this one, but I did love the shadow box idea for ticket stubs and memorabilia you don't really want to throw away, but are sitting in some shoebox somewhere, never to be seen again. 


Top Toilet Tips for Female Travelers - Ladies! Listen up. Wish I had seen this list before traveling to China. No matter where you go, there are some great suggestions here to make using the loo, el baño or the ванная a better experience. Campers? Don't want to use those nasty port-o-potties, especially at night? You're welcome.


10 Free Must-Have Travel Aps - First off, DON'T click on the Start Here on page one. Go to the NEXT arrow and ignore all the advertising. If you can get through all of that, you will find some good suggestions. They didn't have our favorite, however, CityMapper. CityMapper helped us navigate through all of London's transportation systems with ease and counted our steps (can you say 20,000 in a day?) to boot.


46 Brilliant Novels You Can Read in a Day- Vacations are great for catching up on your reading. Instead of lugging that thousand-page novel, try downloading some of these short novels on your phone or tablet.


33 Things People Forget to Take on a Cruise - I like lists. Even though I think something is so obvious I wouldn't forget it, I often do. This is a good list of the basics.


9 (More) Things You Probably Didn't Think to Pack on Your Cruise - The Walkie Talkies and flavored drink packets are two things I wouldn't have thought of.


Fitkicks - There are more expensive versions of this rubber sole ballet slipper, but these work great for the plane, hotel room or ship cabin. They take up virtually no room in a carry-on and are very handy when you need to slip something on your feet during those 12-hour flights. I wear a size 7 and medium fits me fine. They make them for men too!


Best Backpacks for Travel - I look for four things in a travel backpack: durable, lightweight, small size and has pockets on the outside to carry a water bottle. I like my backpack to hold essentials that I want to take on the plane, but not so big that it feels like a piece of luggage you have to carry around everywhere. I like this pin because not only is this backpack a great size, The Portable Wife has great tips on the best, most resourceful way to pack for travel. (Bummer: No mesh pockets for the water bottle, but you can always hook on a carabiner. :)

30 Expensive Travel Planning Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making And How To Avoid Them One of the best lists of pre-travel, "To Do's" I've read in a long time. Just remember, many of his suggestions are things I, as your Travel Agent, can do for you!

Hidden Gems of London that Most Tourists Never See - Having never been to London, it was great to see all the iconic places (Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, etc) on our first trip. But next time, I'm definitely taking this list with me. This great article comes with a map, making all of the suggestions easy to find.

How to Get Over Jet Lag (and other useful tips for traveling between time zones) - Great article by Skyscanner, Ltd., especially if you fly coach as we do. My husband and I never manage to sleep on those long, over-seas flights, but we've learned a thing or two on how to minimize the damage when we get to our destination.

While we're at it, here are 8 extremely useful tips to minimize your stress when the worst happens, like if you lose your passport, wallet, phone or end up in the hospital. Thanks again, to Skyscanner, Ltd. for the useful information.

15 Tips for Surviving a Long Flight - All good information with some good links to travel chargers and back and neck pillows.

15 Tiny Travel Products to Keep you Healthy while Traveling - Healthy traveling is certainly on everyone's mind these days, and while some of these are just common sense, there's a few new items on the list!

Best Laundry Idea Ever! Dryer sheets are easy to pack, but laundry soap was problematic. Enter Tru Earth Laundry Detergent. Each little sheet, about the thickness of a single piece of card stock and only 3/4 " x 1 1/2" , washes an entire load of laundry. Weighs next to nothing and takes up zero room in your luggage. 


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