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COVID-19 Update

September 2020. This has been a disastrous year for so many businesses and certainly the travel industry is one of them. As hard as the hotels, airlines, cruise companies, etc. have been hit, so to the destinations they serve and all the millions of people who work in those industries. I've been writing blogs on our travel adventures since 2007. They contain many references to tours, hotels, restaurants and experiences we've enjoyed. It is my sincere hope that everyplace we've visited and everyone we've encountered has managed to endure and thrive until the world rights itself and we can travel again. If you find mention of someplace within my blogs that is inaccurate in some way or no longer in operation, please let me know.

A short tribute to some entrepreneurs and others in the travel Industry who are suffering from shut-downs that we've met along the way. We sincerely hope they are doing well!

From top across: Dave, Owner - Huka Falls River Cruise, New Zealand, Chuck - Tour Guide, China, Viking Cruises (and all cruise line) Staff, Alejandro - Luna Tours, Puerto Vallarta, Fernando and crew - Uno Mas? (closed over 5 months now), Cabo San Lucas, Da Boss Band - Cabo San Lucas, Pepe - Bucerias Bike Tour, Puerto Vallarta, Matt - Owner - Fun London Tours (closed until 2021), Universal and Disneyland/Disney World cast members worldwide, Travel Agents - thousands of clients moved and canceled, plus hundreds of thousands of dollars in business lost in 2020, Actors/Singers/Dancers/ Musicians - dark for the foreseeable future.

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