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How Cabo San Lucas Became Our Home Away From Home

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

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Los Cabos is comprised of the two cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Cabo San Lucas has been our home away from home for fifteen years. We generally stay at two properties; the Playa Grande Resort and Spa and Grand Solmar at Land's End Resort. Here's the story of how we ended up there.

In 2004, my husband and I were on a Mexican Cruise that stopped in Cabo San Lucas. While in port, we took a water taxi out to Lover's Beach. Planning to snorkel, we’d asked the water taxi to return in two hours. It was a rare, overcast morning and after 20 minutes, we realized it was just too chilly and the water too choppy for snorkeling. We were stuck, or so we thought, until we crossed paths with a sole, lonely vendor. We were a pretty captive audience, and after purchasing a bracelet, he told us we could walk back to town by climbing a hidden path over the rocks. It will be easy he said (!). With a little help, I made it over and upon descending to the other side, came across a beautiful beach and a small, two-story hotel, nestled discreetly against the rocks. We picked up a brochure for the Hotel Solmar and vowed to return.

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We returned the following year to stay at this little property, but like so many before us, we were snagged by a timeshare salesman for the newly minted, Playa Grande Resort, and ended up purchasing. Over the years we've watched little Solmar transform into the recently completed, Grand Solmar Lands End Resort and Spa, a truly stunning property.

There are so many places to stay in Los Cabos, from central Cabo to San Jose del Cabo, plus the wide variety of upscale properties that line the corridor between the two towns. We like the location of Solmar and Playa Grande because it's walking distance to the Marina, the Mall and all of downtown Cabo and given their location, at the end of an isthmus, they're in their own private world.

Photos by Seguras: Solmar at Land's End, Playa Grande Resort and Grand Spa, Le Blanc Resort and Spa (Adults only), Riu Palace at sunset

Besides sitting poolside in any number of luxury resorts, there's lots to do in Los Cabos. Over the years, we've ridden horses on the beach, rented ATVs, taken any number of sunset sails (suggest the Cabo Rey), snorkeled and traveled to nearby picturesque communities and areas, such as Todos Santos, Cabo Pulmo and La Paz.

Photos by Seguras: ATVs oceanside, snorkeling at Chileno Bay, sunrise from the beach in front of Grand Solmar, sunset horseback ride, sport fishing (and a dinner guest), best band on the water (The Base) aboard the Cabo Rey Sunset Sail

Our favorite snorkeling beach is Playa Santa Maria, a protected marine sanctuary so snorkeling and diving here is like playing in a huge salt-water fish tank. Snorkel catamarans are available from the marina if you don't want to drive out and the parking lot is now paved. The opening of Montage Los Cabos has not seemed to diminish the seclusion of the area...just go early.

Photos by Seguras: Santa Maria and Chileno Bay, both great for snorkelers. Get there early and bring an umbrella for protection from the sun. As of 2020 the Palapas are gone but Chileno was renting umbrellas...not sure about Santa Maria.

Just a few miles from Santa Maria is Chileno Bay; another great spot for snorkeling that also has a new hotel, Chileno Bay Resort and Residences. Chileno Bay has showers and toilets and can be just as good for snorkeling as Santa Maria. If you don't have a car, you can get to both beaches by a variety of vendors that offer catamaran snorkeling tours or you can cab it or take the city bus.

We generally don’t take advantage of what Cabo is most known for, it’s nightlife. Nightclubs, restaurants and bars are everywhere, generally open until at least 2:00 am. We can recommend our favorite watering hole – Uno Mas? bar. It has just 12 barstools, a loyal following and the friendliest bartenders in town. All margaritas and tropical drinks are made with fresh fruit, from scratch and still start at only $3.50. On any given night, you’ll find the bar stools filled with friendly amigos from all over the world, enjoying the loud music and camaraderie inspired by its owners. If you stand in front of the Giggling Marlin, facing the street, you'll see the Uno Mas? sign in the back, across the street. If you go, tell Fernando the Seguras sent you.

Photos by Seguras: Our favorite Uno Mas? bar, owners Fernando, his friend Gina, plus now, Fernando's son and nephew. It's a family affair that grows with each new visitor!

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